Dentures are tooth replacements which are a boon for people suffering from missing teeth. They look like natural teeth and help in restoring the smile and confidence level of individuals. However, dentures can get damaged at times. They are made with resin, which is a fragile material. Accidentally, your denture might either break, chip or fall out. This happens when you try to eat hard food. Again, there are times when the dentures wear out with age. 

If your denture breaks off suddenly, you will require emergency denture repairs. Ensure you do not try to fix the same all by yourself. For emergency denture repairs in Leigh on Sea, visit professional dental clinics. They will help you to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Dos and don’ts during emergency denture repairs 

Do not panic 

Do not panic when the dentures get damaged. It is natural for a denture to break or chip. Be prepared mentally for such situations. Panicking with broken dentures can cause you harm and make you feel less confident. Instead, be calm and make sure you do not swallow any part of the broken denture. 

Do not fix dentures by yourself

It is not a great idea to fix the dentures all by yourself. They are chemically attached. Hence, trying to fix the same without professional help is not tempting. Go to the professionals immediately so that the gums are not affected by the broken and damaged denture. 

Do seek emergency help 

Do not wait for a week or so. If the dentures are damaged, go to the dentist immediately. They will check the extent of the damage and fix the issue immediately. If you stay in that condition for long, it can also damage the gums and cause infections. Hence, you should seek emergency help as soon as possible. 

Do not throw away the broken parts 

Keep your mind calm, and do not throw away the broken parts of the damaged denture. A damaged denture and its parts will be required when the dentist checks and tries to make a new set of dentures for you. If you throw them away, then you might face difficulty later. So you should keep the broken parts with you and take them to the dentist on your immediate visit. 

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