A denture is a good choice for people with more than one missing tooth. However, if the denture is damaged or breaks while in use, you must immediately visit the dentist and get it fixed as soon as possible. Emergency denture replacement ensures that you keep getting the denture’s benefits. Temporary fixing is not a feasible decision when it comes to dentures. 

To replace dentures in Benfleet, contact the dental clinics immediately. Here’s a list of situations when an emergency denture replacement is necessary.

When do you need an emergency denture replacement?

Dentures break while using 

If the dentures break while you’re eating or biting on a hard textured food, you must get it repaired immediately. While some wear and tear are normal, breakage within the mouth is a serious issue and requires an immediate visit to the dentist. 

The dentist will check the fittings of the dentures and adjust them according to the size and shape. 

Tooth detached from denture 

When a tooth gets detached from the denture, it causes an uneven texture in and around it. You might not face problems while chewing or biting the food. However, in the long run, the denture and the tooth present around the same will get damaged if the same is neither replaced nor repaired. 

Dentures are fractured

Sometimes, the dentures are fractured into two halves. If your denture is cracked completely, there’s no other way to replace it with a new one. Generally, a fractured denture cannot be repaired. Even if you try to fix a broken denture, your gums can have misalignments and sores.

Hence, it would help if you got it replaced as soon as possible. 

Are you in need of an emergency denture replacement? Book your appointment with TF Dental Prosthetics Ltd. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, our dentists can fix your dentures instantly. We will check the damage proximity and suggest the most feasible option for your well-being. 

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