To counter the effects of tooth loss, getting a denture is vital. Dentures mimic the look of actual teeth but are made of composite materials on an acrylic base. These give optimal bite support to the mouth and help one enjoy all kinds of food. However, like other dental accessories, dentures also face the test of time and may experience wear and tear.

Check Denture Conditions Regularly:

If you have been using dentures for a long time, you must check their condition occasionally. Apart from brushing and maintaining it daily, you must observe whether there is a chance of the denture breaking. In case of emergency repairs in Leigh-on-Sea, you should collaborate with a professional repairer.

The Common Types of Denture Repair Techniques:

The denture repairing professionals provide specialised fixing assistance for the dentures according to the extent of the damage. The repair job can be useful in restoring its original function and offering you a smooth experience.

There are different types of denture repairing techniques that an expert can offer you. We discuss more about them in the following part of this blog.

1. Denture Relining: It is a useful repair technique when a part of the denture gets damaged or worn out. To fix the specific part, the denture repairers may opt for resurfacing it. Resurfacing the damaged part of the denture is technically known as relining. Typically, you may find two types of relining processes: soft and hard.

In the soft relining process, the repairing professional adds a liquid polymer to the denture. It acts as an insulation and protects the affected area of the denture. It is a simple repair process that gives you an optimum fit.

Hard relining, on the other hand, is a process where the damaged area is coated with a resin solution. When it gets dry, it hardens, thus becoming much more durable than liquid polymer.

The denture relining process can adapt to the surface of your denture. This helps it adapt to the changes in the facial features and the mouth.

2. Denture Adjusting: The process of adjusting dentures is a basic practice. This enables the dentures to fit the facial structures of the patient. The process is necessary to prevent it from loosening and shifting inside the mouth. A loose denture can cause discomfort and pain, and adjustment can help restore its proper fit and function.

3. Denture Rebasing: If your denture gets serious damage, like a crack or breakage, it should be restored with an in-depth repair process. Your denture repairs specialist will go for denture rebasing, an elaborate process to modify the base of the dentures. This repair process involves the replacement of the acrylic in the dental base. The time for dental rebasing can take time, depending on the extent of the damage.

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