Dentures, in simple terms, are teeth replacements. With fitting dentures, the orthodontist can retain the smile and dental function of the individual. Are you planning to get a denture? Initially, it will be a great idea. However, a denture is made of acrylic resin, a fragile material that can be damaged anytime. Your denture will not give you warning signs. Hence whenever a denture gets damaged, you need an emergency repair service.

For emergency denture repairs in Benfleet, make sure that you keep several professional and reputed clinics in mind. It is essential to rush to the same to avoid complete damage. 

Things you must not do when the dentures get damaged

1. Do not panic

Once a denture is damaged, your teeth will stop functioning properly. You will need help with chewing, speaking, and even smiling. That’s when people tend to panic. Panic will give rise to stress and might increase your blood pressure levels. This will make it difficult for the dentist to treat the broken denture. Keep calm and find approaching dental clinics for emergency repair services.

2. Denture Relining

Many try to fix the dentures all by themselves. They keep first aid kits to fix the denture. The thought of forgoing denture repair expenses can get you into bigger trouble in the coming days. Hence, be wise and avoid a self-fixing strategy.

3. Do not delay

If you have a chipped or cracked denture, you might delay the appointment for a month or so. However, if the denture is completely broken or damaged, fix the appointment the next day. If you keep eating with the damaged denture, you might also damage the gums and roots.

4. Do not throw away the broken parts

Ensure you don’t throw away the broken parts of the denture. The dentist might need them later. They can check the quality, colour, texture and the issue that caused the denture to break. Hence, if you have the parts, keep them safely tucked inside the closet and bring them out when you visit the dentist for repairs.

When Do You Need Emergency Denture Repairs?

You don’t need an emergency denture repair service if your denture is chipped or cracked. However, in these situations, emergency repairs are essential.

  • If the dentures break while you’re using it.
  • If an artificial tooth gets detached from the denture.
  • If a fracture develops in the denture walls.

For emergency denture repair services, contact TF Dental Prosthetics Ltd. Our proficient team of dentists can cater to your emergency needs.

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